Bose Headphone Device for Pilots



Bose Enterprises would like to show you the new headphones we have engineered where they help the pilots in having excellent communication between other pilots and bases of the world. It is a lightweight material and it does not give any ear problems to you while you are wearing it and using it until the end of the journey.

Thanks to its master technology, we are able to free our pilots from the annoying wires and cables attached to the headphone which made it quite frustrating to use. But, now this headphone is easily removable and easily pairable with any device too. The difference is that this is a wireless headset but with enhanced communication for pilots which makes the most sophisticated headphone ever at an honest price.

The price of these is between £910 and £960 with selected features applied. The one listed above cost £910 which is named PRO Flight Series 2 with dual plug. Why miss it, this would the greatest opportunity for you pilots to purchase this and begin your journey with the enhanced technology of the Bose Headphone.


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