Aviation English Learning Book with CD-ROM



Good Afternoon Everyone,

My name is Ronald Jefferson and I am the owner of the library Williamson in Watford. I am so proud today to share this book that has brought fortune to many learners and adults. It is a book rich in learning contents and the outcomes are the skills that would use in your Aviation career.  This is a book that you should not miss, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you are still welcome to buy and read it. However, you would also get the opportunity to view in a video format how the aviation system works and what are the steps necessary for you to follow before you begin your Aviation Journey.

Also, you would get the dictionary and student book to learn and enhance your skills which could improve and lead to a better career path in Aviation. For more information about this book, I would highly suggest you visit my online page at www.WilliamsonBooks.co.uk

If you would like to speak to me instead, then I will give you the details of my receptionist whom she would pass the line to me. Her contact number is 02045829173 and her email address MichelleWilliams@outlook.com

Thank You


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